Sheikh with Benefits

Sheikh with Benefits by Teresa Morgan

A Novella: The Sheikhs

What’s a little seduction between friends? 

Arya Mokri, the ultimate wallflower, has to stop dreaming of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Javad Shirin, or she’s going to lose her mind. She’s been crushing on him for months and it’s time to move on. If he won’t have her, she’ll find someone who will… 

A consummate diplomat, Sheikh Javad would never dream of sleeping with the woman whose friendship he values so much. But when she arrives at an event in a dress showing too much skin and even more poor judgment, he finds himself wondering what it would look like on his bedroom floor. Worse, his suddenly sexy friend plans an affair with his own brother. 

Tonight, he vows, her plans will change. Whether she wants them to or not. 

This story also appears in the anthology No Sleep For The Sheikh.

The Details

Publisher: Teresa Morgan
Published: January 2012
ASIN: B006V736R0