Handcuffed to the Sheikh Too

Handcuffed to the Sheikh Too by Teresa Morgan

Book 1: Jewels of the Desert

Three mysterious ancient jewels… Three sexy sheikh brothers… The Jewels of the Desert series will heat up your life.

The last thing feisty American heiress Gwen Spenser expected when she went to Zallaq was to wake up handcuffed to the desert kingdom’s super hot, but aloof, ruler. But when rebel outlaws abduct them both, they have no choice but to escape–together.

As if it’s not enough to be hunted by their kidnappers, cut off from all help, and face an unrelenting desert, the sexy sheikh reveals that if they don’t make it back to civilization in three days, they’ll be shacked together permanently… as man and wife.

Little does Gwen suspect that her biggest threat she faces comes from the man she’s shackled to…

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The Details

Publisher: Teresa Morgan
Published: December 2014