Handcuffed to the Sheikh

Handcuffed to the Sheikh by Teresa Morgan

A Novella: The Sheikhs

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Best. Abduction. Ever. 

When she opened her front door, the last thing Maxine Foss expected was a hot stranger with a set of handcuffs. Now she’s shackled to a sexy, but crazy, person who claims he’s an Arabian prince—and her lover. No way. If she had ever gotten naked with a guy this delicious, she would never forget. 

Insanity is catching… 

Alone in a secluded cabin, Sayd offers his body for her pleasure. But the price for giving in to his temptation could be her sanity, not to mention her freedom… and just maybe, her life. 

This story also appears in the anthology No Sleep For The Sheikh.

The Details

Published: May 2011